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Episode 120

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9th Jun 2020

BLACK LIVES MATTER (feat. Tina Zaman, Dalara Williams, Esky)

We would like to firstly give a trigger warning for this episode - The discussion (beginning 00:27:45) contains topics and concepts that some listeners may find distressing. 


Cheatmail - The Cheatcoders answers questions from listeners

(00:01:45) "do you think music albums will be obsolete in the future? why? and if so, what do you think will be the new body of work" 


(00:09:15) "considering we are mid-way through the year, how do you think 2020 will be talked about in history lessons in 2100?" 




The boys discuss the TV series "Atlanta" and "Dave" created by Donald Glover and Dave "Lil' Dicky" Burd. 



Don shamefully has not yet seen the award winning movie, "parasite". Raf and Natz give their best pitches to convince Don to watch it. 


Guest Segment


Trigger Warning: This discussion contains topics and concepts that some listeners may find distressing. 

The Cheatcoders sit down with other creatives of colour to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and the issue of Aboriginal deaths in custody. They touch on the history of discrimination & oppression of Black Americans and of Indigenous Australians.

There is no denying that racism still exists and the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers has shone a light on an injustice that has been present for hundreds of years. Similarly the mistreatment of Indigenous Australians is an issue that requires more awareness and change.

In our technological world, we have access to more information and we are more connected than ever before. There are many ways that we can stand alongside our Black American and Indigenous Australian brothers and sisters. The group discuss the need for us to be willing to research, have difficult conversations, and learn. Change won't happen overnight, but we have a responsibility to make sure that there is change. 

Guest Links

* Tina Zaman - Teacher, Comedian & Creator of Tight 5 Comedy

* Tight 5 Comedy - Sydney-based live comedy show company providing a platform for and amplifying the voices of comedians of colour.

* Dalara Williams - Indigenous Australian Actress & Writer - Wiradjuri/Gumbaynggirr

RGM Artist

* Ian "Esky" Escandor - Sydney Based Artist & Entrepreneur

Links for Research and Donations

* Black Lives Matter Movement

* Reconciliation Australia


Indigenous Publications

* National Indigenous Television

* Koori Radio 93.7FM






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