EP165 - "Kiligs to the Bone" - The Cheatcoders Podcast

Episode 165

Published on:

11th Nov 2021

EP165 - "Kiligs to the Bone"

The boys talk about November challenges, the meaning of kiligs, Filipino Captain Planet and a whole lot more! They also talk about the lengths they would go for some pogi points.

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About the Podcast

The Cheatcoders Podcast
đŸ—¯Hosted by Natz, Raf, Don & Garcia!
Just some mates grinding in the creative world and sharing experiences growing up as "second generation" Filipinos in Australia. We find humour in the similarities and differences shared with our wider audience, mainly other 'Filos' or 2nd gens with similar backgrounds all over the globe.
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About your hosts

Don Doing Stuff

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Don was brought onto the Cheatcoders team after starting his own podcast in Singapore. Initially bringing him on as a guest, he refused to leave.
He built a creative career as a singer and musician. In the early 2000s, he co-founded "Soul Good" which was built to showcase the music of local artists and musicians.
Don continues to advocate for local creatives and entrepreneurs, seeking to grow the culture and community.

Raf Flores

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Raf Flores has a decade experience in producing videos from planning, production to editing. Understanding the importance of the connection between the art and it’s audience, Raf aims to carefully work with his clients to ensure the best process and style necessary is executed to produce the best content to showcase towards the target audience.

Expanding his skills, Raf began podcasting with The Cheatcoders Podcast, allowing him to further understand the community of creatives in his local area and use his research and conversations to improve his business and art. With years of podcast experience under his name, Raf aims to help others start their own podcast journey and tell their stories.

Nathan De La Cruz

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Nathan De La Cruz, better known as 'Natz Blazin' from the days he went by his rap alias and the social media handle he still uses to this day simply goes by 'Natz' or 'Nate' now, when referred to by his friends in the realworld or by his initials 'ND' on anything to do with crypto and the 'metaverse' (Ready player 1 anyone?).

Most often than not an early adopter in tech and speculative social trends, Natz jumps from one idea to the next with a relentless thirst in chasing the next dopamine hit yet the 'Cheatcoders' has remained the only constant and a way to stay up to date with his peers and close friends, Raf, Don & Garcia back in hometown Sydney Australia.

Now residing in London UK, Natz spends most of his time being a dad to his newborn twin girls Margot & Jordyn learning the ropes of fatherhood while simultaneously involved in a row of start-up ventures as a content creator, community manager and most notably his recent and heavy involvement in building a blockchain gaming empire with the infamous Non-Fungible Gang.