Coming LIVE at The Q Point (with DJ Zah, Kanyon Beats and Tee from Dance Fit Studios) - The Cheatcoders Podcast

Episode 127

Published on:

4th Aug 2020

Coming LIVE at The Q Point (with DJ Zah, Kanyon Beats and Tee from Dance Fit Studios)

The Cheatcoders are going LIVE! (at least for this episode)The boys team up with DJ Xcentrik and The Q Point to run their first ever live-streamed podcast. 

Joined by special guests:

Producer/ Musician Kanyon & DJ/ Turntablist - DJ Zah

Co-founder of Dance Fit Studios Sydney - Tee 

Promoting the re-release of his EP, "Metromorphosis", Kanyon tells the boys about his style and process for production. He and DJ Zah talk about their origins; coincidentally banding together only because their partners were best friends. Kanyon also announces the launch of his new music services business, Off World Sounds. 

Tee is the co-founder of recently opened, "DanceFit Studios" alongside fellow dancer/ entrepreneur Scarlett Hankins. She talks about having a vision for creating a community and a business, and staying determined to bringing it to fruition despite obstacles. 

Guest Links: 

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DJ Zah

DanceFit Studios


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Don Doing Stuff

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Don was brought onto the Cheatcoders team after starting his own podcast in Singapore. Initially bringing him on as a guest, he refused to leave.
He built a creative career as a singer and musician. In the early 2000s, he co-founded "Soul Good" which was built to showcase the music of local artists and musicians.
Don continues to advocate for local creatives and entrepreneurs, seeking to grow the culture and community.

Raf Flores

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Raf Flores has a decade experience in producing videos from planning, production to editing. Understanding the importance of the connection between the art and it’s audience, Raf aims to carefully work with his clients to ensure the best process and style necessary is executed to produce the best content to showcase towards the target audience.

Expanding his skills, Raf began podcasting with The Cheatcoders Podcast, allowing him to further understand the community of creatives in his local area and use his research and conversations to improve his business and art. With years of podcast experience under his name, Raf aims to help others start their own podcast journey and tell their stories.

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Natz started the Cheatcoders with Raf in late 2017 as a means to improve his communication skills and fear of public speaking. Natz was immediately drawn to the podcast medium which sparked a new creative outlet after years of feeling stuck in a rut, predominantly in his time as a recording artist and the leader of Hip-hop collective 'Round Circle', a group of vocalists, DJ's and producers based in Sydney Australia. Natz's true passion has always been around business, notably taken from his mother who has built multiple ventures in her time and even up until this day. Often labelled as 'the wildcard' due to his impulsive nature, an interest-based nervous system and a Ferrari engine brain paired with bicycle breaks, Natz has managed to barely navigate through life but also has it credited to much of his success. In the last (but not final) whim of impulsivity, Natz moved to London only a couple of months after starting the Podcast, where Raf and 'soon to join' Don all agreed to continue as a means to stay connected and be inspired.